Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

About CPD Online
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) forms part of the ongoing registration obligations of registered Construction Management/Construction Project Management professionals. In line with the SACPCMP CPD Policy, Registered Persons need to engage in validated CPD activities which fall under Category A under both for Core and Non-Core activities.

The SACPCMP is cognizant that CPD activities consume time to be attended to and consequently as a result of high work responsibilities, many registered persons are unable to attend normal classroom CPD training to fulfil their professional registration obligations on CPD.

In order to address this challenge, the SACPCMP has developed and availed validated training videos to allow registered persons to engage in CPD anywhere and anytime.

How Does CPD Online work?
The SACPCMP records and produces video files and uploads them to the website. The registered persons purchase each video bundle/s (based on their course preferences) by generating an invoice online. Once payment has been processed, registered persons can view the video bundles purchased in the convenience of their own office/ home at their own leisure. After viewing the video an online assessment must be completed where after the system updates the registered persons’ profile and issues a confirmation email to the registered persons.

Benefits to Registered Persons

  1. CPD Online is cheaper than any other means of training.
  2. CPD Online is validated for CPD points.
  3. Registered persons have access to CPD material anywhere in the world.
  4. Registered persons do own CPD at own leisure.
  5. Registered persons’ registration profiles are updated automatically.
  6. Registered persons can backdate training.
  7. Registered persons have access to core and non-core training material.
  8. 8.Course content mix complies with all CPD Category 1 requirements.

How to Subscribe
Select your bundle/s from the table below. You will then be prompted to login to the system and purchase the bundles online. After effecting payment, you will receive a confirmation email enabling you to log into your profile and view the video bundle or bundles.

Please note that once payment has been processed it can take anywhere from 24 to 54 hours for your video bundle to be opened for viewing.

Video Bundles and Topics





Bundle 1  

  1. Soccer City: Lesson Learnt from Managing a Large Project
  2. Failures in Construction – Boreholes
  3. Affordable Electricity in SA at a Tipping Point
  4. SACPCMP: An Overview
  5. SAPPI Tugela River Plant Project
  6. Economics of Energy
  7. Construction management in South Africa: An Academic Perspective
  8. own Planning & Infrastructure Development

R1 587.86

8 CPD Hours

Bundle 2

  1. Show me the projects
  2. Bridge Art with Peter Matthews
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Dispute Resolution
  5. SACPCMP: An Overview
  6. Human Demolition and the Collapse of Infrastructure
  7. Health and Safety in the Construction Industry
  8. Funding your next Great IdeaScenario Planning for Africa

R1 587.86

8 CPD Hours

Bundle 3

  1. IT Management in the Workplace
  2. Mentoring
  3. The Built Environment Explained
  4. Dumbing Down of Parastatals
  5. Structural Failures and Overview
  6. BEE in the Built Environment
  7. Measuring the Demand in Construction Management
  8. Rollout Plan for Replacement Degree in Construction Management

R1 587.86

8 CPD Hours

Bundle 4

  1. The Future Construction Manager
  2. Implementation of the Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS)
  3. How the Construction Sector can aid the facilitation of the Contractor Development Programme
  4. The Role of Construction Managers
  5. Working at heights in the Construction Sector
  6. Risk Management Part 1 – Case Study
  7. Risk Management Part 2 – Back to Basics
  8. Risk Management Part 3 – Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)

R1 587.86

8 CPD Hours

Bundles 1-4

R4 446.02

32 CPD Hours

Bundles 1-3

R3 334.51

24 CPD Hours

Bundles 1-2

R2 223.01

16 CPD Hours

*Prices are inclusive of VAT

For further assistance or clarity, please contact Ms. Khutso Mokgehle (CPD and Training-related Queries)
Email: cpd@sacpcmp.org.za
Tel: (011) 318 3402


Each Bundle consists of 8 videos and they can be viewed as many times as possible once payment has been received.

Please note that to obtain your CPD points, you will need to get 60% on each video quiz, and should you obtain less than 60% on a quiz, you may retake the quiz.